About Me

Recruitment industry

I have worked in the recruitment industry for many years now and specialise in HR and employment law. I love the industry its really fast pace with things changing all the time and my job is great as I am always meeting interesting people and learning new things every day.

I work on a number of projects all within the recruitment sector and sit on many panels and committees so have little free time.

A little free time

Luckily I combine a bit of business and pleasure in season tickets for me and selected clients for Gloucester Cricket Club where I love to go and watch games both 5 day and Twenty Twenty versions. I take a along a couple of clients and enjoy the mix of relaxed pace and ability to have a chat in-between the action.

As well as the cricket I also enjoy spending as much time as possible with my family.

A tribe called my family

Home life is always chaos with everyone rushing around to get where they need to be. We are a dual working family as my wife loves her job too and so we have to run the house like a daily mission. The kids are great mostly supportive the rest completely barking mad and so its fun as well as bonkers at our house.

The kids are both in their teens my boy is like me the girl just like mum but a real Daddy’s girl too taking every opportunity to wrap me around her little finger possible. My boy is a keen sportsman and good at most of what he tries but I really don’t understand where this gift came from as I am not the best at playing any sport.

I hope you come back for regular updates on me, my life in recruitment and of course the tribe!