New plaques outside

tired looking plaques needed to be replaced

Inside looks great but outside needed new plaques

We have had the whole of the inside done at the office and it looks amazing but when I arrived the other day I noticed the outside is far less swish and the plaques looked really tired and neglected. Talk about a terrible first impression it is only because inside looks so amazing that I finally noticed the outside. My next project is already on the radar now the whole place needs a good tidy up and sort and the plaques definitely need attention. They really give the place a tired and beat up look and that is most definitely not what we are trying to achieve hence spending so much cash on the interior fit.

We got a few companies in to quote for new plaques

Once my mind was made up I wanted to get some quotes in as soon as possible for new plaques for outside the offices. I figures three would be plenty and set up the meeting to discuss our requirements and get some creative ideas of what we could have both from a design and materials perspective. we have in our minds to go for a modern glass and brushed metal but one company explained the weathering issues relating to these materials and that made total sense to us. We wanted it to look amazing for a long time and a rusty brushed metal and tarnished glass plaques did not seem that appealing anymore. We never thought of a natural material like slate or stone as they seemed a bit old fashioned to us but the stone sign we were showed were far from old fashioned in fact they were the complete opposite and were a very modern looking sign for our type of business. We settled on stone as it wears really well and weathers really nicely so we felt this was the best way to go with it. They are not cheap to produce as it is hand engraved and custom to your spec and design so I really think its a case of you pay for what you get and you cannot expect a craftsman to work for peanuts given the skills they have in a given field.

Order in for new plaques now we just had to wait

The order was now in for the new stone plaques and we had a provisional installation date for them to come back on site to fit our new signs. It was only a month away and we were really looking forward to seeing the real plaques in situ. We had guessed they would look amazing and we were not disappointed as when they did finally come back in to do them they looked terrific. They give the whole front area a real lift and make a massive first impression when you drive in and this is something that was really important to us and one of the main reasons for ordering new plaques in the first place, we went to

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