Parking management measures for our business

Problems led to us looking for parking management measures

The benefits of parking management

If you have a car park that is for private use and you are having people use it without permission then you might be advised to look at parking management to solve this annoying problem.

Parking management companies will set up a system that suits your particular circumstances and business requirements. We had a problem with our car park for ages and staff were always moaning about parking spaces not being available even though we had a lot of spaces on out small site.

Parking management makes it easier for clients too

As well as staff the reason we bit the bullet and called a few of these parking management companies to talk to us was I started to get a lot of comments and I suppose complaints about the nightmare clients were having when trying to park for meetings at the office. We thought that there was no way this could continue but policing the car park was not on anyone’s job description or radar and so outsourcing was the only real answer.

We got a few companies in some were just terrible to deal with and we wanted a more corporate type of company as at the end of the day they were in essence representing our business and so we didn’t want “heavies” doing our work. We got it down to two parking management companies and its was then down to a final meeting to see who were felt would best represent us.

We have had parking management in place for two months

We have all the signs and infrastructure put in place over two months ago now and it has vastly improved out situation. It did make us laugh to think just how many random people feeling it was ok to use a private parking space and go about their non-business related way. Many staff members have also all commented on how much better things are and interestingly for us the amount of people that are late for work has dropped dramatically which from our perspective is a huge benefit that we did not bank on.

The finance director was over the moon with the uplift in our bottom line when we factored in this fringe benefit to the business it did really strike home that this was indeed a big parking management problem that we put up with for ages. I am glad it is now sorted and to be fair to the company we chose to do our work have been marvelous and kept us in the loop with any negative feedback and problems so we can sort these as we go along.

If you do have a private piece of land that you use as a car park I can highly recommend these guys as they solved our problems and are great to deal with too. Parking management may not be top of your agenda in a busy day but I would encourage you to at least consider it as their may well be similar benefits to you.

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