Time to look for woodburning stoves

looking for Esse woodburning stoves

Got to make time to find woodburning stoves

Somehow and someway the wife wants me to make time for us to go and look at some woodburning stoves this weekend coming. In fairness we have been talking about looking into installing woodburning stoves into two areas of the home but that is about as far as we always seem to get. She has made an plaqueultimatum its this weekend (no cricket on) or the week after with a match already in my diary so its this weekend for me all day long. I have even said if we find one I will pay for it straight away (to save looking around the weekend after!) as an early birthday present for her.

Its a fair round trip for our woodburning stoves search

Unfortunately for me the wife has done some research and whilst the one stove for the living room is available close to where we live we are also looking at an Esse Ironheart and this we will need to drive nearly a hundred miles to get the specialist advice we feel we need to ensure this is the right range for us. The Esse is a big purchase so we wanted to go direct to a specialist and so the appointment is booked in and if successful will cost me a fair few pounds of my bonus for the next few months but secretely I think it will be a great buy too.

The Esse is a big piece of kit but our home has a really big kitchen and its a lot of space to fill and indeed heat so we really wanted something that heated as well as cooked and so a range was discussed. This particular brand doesn’t come cheap but the build quality is right up there and the resale value of them is also very strong which is a good sign.

We are looking for it to cut of gas bill on two fronts firstly the heating bills we are hoping to reduce as the Esse will heat a big space but also whilst heating we can cook too so won’t use as much gas there either.

The other woodburning stoves search is a few locals

Luckily the second one we are looking at to heat our living room is available in a few local shops and we just need to pop in to see who we want to buy tom and get to do the installation so with a bit of luck we will see the right woodburning stoves in all of them and can make a decision pretty quickly.

We are looking for a good installer as we have had a few horror stories mentioned so its a strict vetting process before we let them loose at our place. One does come recommended so we hope we like that one to be honest but time will tell.

Hopefully our search for woodburning stoves won’t be in vain or my cricket may suffer as a consequence!

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